My mother tongue-is my heart

The foundation of each nation’s existence is the language and literature of the nation.A.Avloniy
Each nation has its own sources of nationality.Language is one of them.21 October,1989 is the day of Uzbek language was given the Honarary title of the state language and this year 30 year of that date.For that date,in the Karakalpak State University faculty of “Biology”and “Geography” organizated literary party y mother tongue-is my heart》.The party was opened by the deputy dean of Biology faculty J.Moynakbaev and he congratulated the students.Teacher of the Department of Uzbek language Z.Kabulovaade a speech about Uzbek language history and the law of Uzbek language.The holiday was held in great mood.The active students were awarded with certificate and prizes.Keeping our language is our secret duty .

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