Master course for students

Master course and competition was organized on the topic “The secrets of preparing salads” for the female students in the university dormitory. The assistent of department of “General biology and physiology“ of Biology faculty A.Jangabaev and energetic, skilled students took part in a contest.

The key aim of organizing such event is spending students’ leisure time successfully, teaching secrets of skillfulness, developing healthy eating habits, preparing them for future family life.

– Diverse events were held in the university dormitory. Especially the contest and master course organized on preparing salads by the teacher of the department of “General biology and physiology“ of Biology faculty Kalimbetova Roza raised interest among us.- Тhe winner of the contest, student of the group 2″c” of Biology Zulhumar Muratbaeva comments that she learned a lot by actively participating in the competition, exchanged experience, tested their cooking skills.

The winners and active participants of the events were given presents by the organizers of the event at the end of the occasion.

Teacher of the department general biology and physiology.

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