Undergraduates submitted their first defense in the style of online

The first Protection of graduates of the 2019-2020-th school year was conducted online in case of compliance with the rules of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19.5A140101-Biology(on scientific directions) and 5A140103-graduate masters in ichthyology and hydrobiology on may 20 through the Zoom videoconference program implemented the first protection online.The online first defense was attented by the head of the Department of general biology and physiology,the head of the master`s Department,professors,teachers and undergraduates.

Department of general biology and physiology A.T.Matchanov expressed his thoughts and suggestions about the readiness of Master`s dissertations for preliminary defense. May 20 from 10:00 to 11:50 5A140103- masters of the specialty of ichthyology and hydrobiology Pirjanova A. ( scientific theme “The effect of anthropagenoids statusof some fish of South Aral water”, scientific leader c.b.s dots. A.Qurbanova ), Urazbaeva G. ( scientific theme “In the case of the South Araal,the bioekology,importance of fishes for hunting,their diseases and countermeasures”, scientific leader c.b.s dots. R.E.Koshanova ), Toreeva Z.

( scientific theme “The study of nutrition of fish of Lake Atakul in Karakalpakstan entrepreneurship farm”, scientific leader c.b.s dots. G.I.Turemuratova ), Dushekeeva N. ( scientific theme “The influence of cenosis of the hydrobionts of the lakes of the Muynak district on the ekological state”, scientific leader c.b.s dots. L.Baxieva ), Nurekeeva G.(scientific theme “Bioecology of fish that is acclimatized to the lakes of the South Aral”, scientific leader c.b.s dots. S.Seytnazarov ) through the  presentations,he carried out the initial defense.5A140101-undergraduates of the speciality of Biology Rajabova S.(scientific theme “Study of the features of the morphological and blood system of young adolescents under the influence of external environmental influences”,scientific leader d.b.c. prof. A.T.Matchanov), Rozimbetov K.(scientific theme “Relative study of morphophysological features of students living on the Soth Aral”,scientific leader c.b.s dots. A.T.Esimbetov), Jumabaeva A.(scientific theme “Deficiency of food substances changes in the body in the diet”,scientific leader G.S.Begdullaeva), Abdullaeva G. (scientific theme “Determination of cardiorespiratory changes of young adolescents  in the Republic of  Karakalpakstan”, scientific leader A.T.Matchanov) through the presentations of the dissertations performed his preliminary defense from May 20 at 14:00 to 15:00.

Professors and teachers gave additional questions and suggestions to the Masters and showed a way to eliminate their shortcomings,unanimously agreed to defend the master`s dissertations.

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