Council of curators

The curatorial Council of the faculty was approved in 2019 on August 30 at the scientific council of faculty No. 1. А.Садуллаев, assistant of the department of Ecology and soil Science, was elected the head of the Curatorial Council. In the COP, consisting of 7 teacher-professors, were elected:

– Ya. Ametov, assistant  professor of the Department of Dekan’s Faculty

-J. Muynakbaev, assistant

– A. Yusupova, assistant of the Department of General Biology and Physiology

– A. Atashova and G. Begjanova Assistants of the Department of Ecology and Soil Science

– R. Apibov, Assistant of the Department of Agroecology and the introduction of medicinal plants.

48 teacher-trainers are assigned to teach 48 for full-time education and 2 for evening education academic groups of the faculty under a special program, and they are also responsible for checking the performance of the proper level

On the  “Information and curatorial hours” curators of the groups should acquaint students with the latest news about politics, the economy of Uzbekistan and foreign countries with reports prepared by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In addition, the curators inform students about the internal rules of the University and, in order to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism  hold cultural meetings and meetings on “spiritual and educational days” at the end of each month.