History of faculty

The faculty was formed in 1943 as part of the Department of Nature-Geography as part of the Institute of Teachers, since 1948 it has become a faculty. With the opening of Nukus State University in 1976, it was re-formed as a department of Chemistry and Biology. In 1989, the faculty was divided into two, as the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Biology. In 1993-1997, the Faculty of Biogeography, in 1997-2011, the Faculty of Natural History, in 2011-2015, the Faculty of Natural History and Geography, and since 2015 it has been referred to as the Faculty of Natural History.

The first dean of the faculty was A. Buleshev. In 1960-1965, the head of the faculty was prof. S. Erezhepov, in 1967-1968 – A.Tleubergenov, in 1968-1986 – Assoc. K. Aytbaev, in 1986-1987 – prof. K. Uteniazov, in 1988-1994 – prof. B.Allamuratov, in 1994-2001 – P.Halmuratov, in 2001-2005 – Assoc. G. Khodjaeva, in 2005-2006 – Assoc. R. Tlegenov, in 2006-2007 – Assoc. M. Ayimbetov, in 2007-2008 – Assoc. AKUteniyazov, in 2008-2011 – Assoc. B.S.Gaipov, in 2011-2013 – Assoc. M.Jumanov, in 2013-2018 – Assoc. A.T.Esimbetov. Since 2018, the Acting Dean Assoc. Ya.I.Ametov.

The faculty includes the departments “General Biology and Physiology”, “Geography”, “Ecology and Soil Science”, “Agroecology and Introduction of Medicinal Plants”.

The departments of the faculty for the areas of study “Biology”, “Ecology and Environmental Protection”, “Geography”, “Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre”, “Hydrometrology”, “Growing and processing of medicinal plants” prepare highly qualified personnel.

Today, for the training of young specialists, scientists Academician B.Mambetnazarov, from doctors of sciences G.Asenov, A.Matchanov, S.Mambetullaeva, M.Ibrahimov and M.Jumanov teach.

Currently, 55 teachers and professors work in the Faculty of Biology, including 1 academician, 4 doctors of science, 18 candidates of science, 1 teachers and 31 assistants. Total 42% of teachers have a scientific degree. In the 2019-2020 school year 1212 students study.