List of subject

5630100-Ecology and Environmental Science

Bioecology (Plant Ecology)

Environmental policy

Fundamentals of Ecology

Soil and agroecology

Applied ecology


Urban and Industrial Ecology

Ecology of the island and island

Protection of the environment

Protected natural areas

Bioecology (Animal Ecology)

Climate change and environmental adaptation

Ecology of populations

Basics of sustainable development

Methods of teaching environmental science

Alternative energy

Industrial ecology

5141000 –Soil Science

Introduction to Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Soil science

Nutrition of plants and fertilizers

General farming

Methods of soil research

Soil erosion

Soils of Uzbekistan and their efficient use

Mapping the soil

Soil and Plant Research Methods

Soils of the dried bottom of the Aral Sea and processes of eolinity

Soil reclamation and hydrology

Soils of Karakalpakstan

Soil and Plant Research

Plant Protection

Bases of storage, standardization, metrology and certification of agricultural products

Soil Ecology

Soil valuation and mapping

Soil Science and Ecology

Soil chemistry and physics

Plant Science

Soil and environment pollution

Soil reclamation and hydrology


Ecological problems of agrochemistry

Soil soil science and soil protection

Fertilizer system

Master’s subjects

Nature Use and Protection

Sustainable development and its environmental aspects

Environmental management

Ecosystem Ecology

Methods of teaching special subjects

Modern environmental problems

Bases of biodiversity

Environmental education


Social ecology

Ecology of the South Aral Sea

5411100 – Technology of growing and manufacturing medicinal plants
Botany and physiology of plants
Mechanization and automation of the production of national economies
Edaphology and  agrochemistry
Agriculture and Melioration


Systematization and flora of Medicinal plants
Crop raising
Vermins and diseases of medicinal plants
Resource of introduction medicinal plants
Bioecology and protection of Glysyrrhiza
Nationality medicine and medicinal plants
Bioecology and ecology of medicinal plants
Introduction of medicinal plants
Stocking and Seeding of medicinal plants
Growing technology of medicinal plants
Standardization, metrology and certification of medicinal plants
Preparing, storage and reproducing of Glycyrrhiza