Currently, 75 professors, teachers, including 1 academician, 7 doctors of science, 22 candidates of science, 3 senior teachers and 42 assistants work at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The total scientific potential is 40%. The faculty performs 3 international and 1 republican projects.

The faculty was established basic doctoral and doctoral studies in the following specialties: 03.00.06 – zoology (DcS), (PhD); 03.00.08 – physiology of humans and animals (PhD); 03.00.10-ecology (PhD); 11.00.02- economic and social geography (PhD). In 2017-2018 The faculty 2 teachers received a doctoral degree and 2 Ph.D.

The Republican Scientific and Practical Conference on the theme “Rational use of the natural resources of the Southern Priaralie” is held annually.

In 2018, the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Academician Ch. Abdirov was organized on the theme “Medical, biological and environmental problems of the Southern Priaralie”, as well as the international scientific and practical conference on the theme “Perspective and problems of integrated geographical research in the Aral region and neighboring territories”.Professors and teachers of the Faculty of Natural Sciences annually publish their articles in journals that are part of the Higher Attestation Commission, which have a high impact factor in foreign journals, and also abstracts in International and Republican conferences. Produce monographs, educational and educational – methodical manuals.The faculty has a well-established work among professors and teachers with gifted students. Kalabaev S., a 3rd year student in the direction of the bachelor degree in Hydrometeorology, won a scholarship to them. Berdakha (scientific advisor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor R. Ballyev). And also participated in the Republican Olympiads of Radjabov N on the subject “Ecology” a 3rd year student in the direction of the undergraduate course “Ecology and Environmental Protection”, which took 2nd place, Kalabayev S. a 3rd year student in the direction of the undergraduate course “Hydrometeorology” took the 3rd place in the subject ” Hydrology – hydrometry” (scientific advisor, doctor of biological sciences, professor S. Mambetullaeva).At the Faculty of Natural Sciences centers, clubs and groups were organized:- GIS Center at the Department of Geography;- TEMPUS Ecological Center at the Department of Ecology and Soil Science;- Ornithological club “OTUS” at the Department of Biology.On the basis of the plan “Measures to promote knowledge of environmental education and environmental protection in educational institutions” No. 14 / 1-476.14.07.2018 of July 13, 2018, confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A. Abdukhakimov, a group was organized at the Department of Ecology and Soil science “among bachelor students “Eco-Corner” and “Young Eco-Inspector”.Based on the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 19, 2018 No. 559 “On measures to further improve the involvement of young people in the system of the scientific industry”, as well as by the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of July 28, 2018 No. 672 and on the basis of the Order of Karakalpak State University September 2, 2018 No. 513 d / 1 in all departments of the faculty the group “Young scientists” was organized.