Women’s council

In the faculty of education and science, the faculty is engaged in cooperation of women and girls.  Faculties-girls and youth, assistant of chair of Geography B.  Alieva’s report dated October 18, 2018, approved by the Majilis of the 5th meeting.

2018-2019 academic year of the Faculty of Women’s and Youth Pedagogy

the project is being developed and approved, and on this basis, faculty members are invited to participate in the conference, as well as interviews with women, as well as issues related to dissemination of publicity, preventive maintenance and post-particular health education.

Young women have a great deal of respect for their health and well-being, as well as good health and well-being,

the organization of the work.  The clubs “Qizlarjon” and “Oila” are also interested.

On October 13, 2011, the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan held a conference in the Republic to find out that the curriculum of the “Freedom” circle (starting from 2017) will be available at our faculty.  At the start of the primary school, the participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the following topics: “Relationships, attitudes, dress code”, “Health”, “From motherland to family” and seminars.

Also, the students will be trained on the following topics: “Drugs”, “Talents”, “Talabalaruyi – O’zimim”, “Madaniyatlik odoblilikbelgisi”, “Nafosat-2018 audit”.

Women’s Sports Club has been established in women’s teams.

Many of us are women-professors women teachers.  The club is actively involved in the creation of innovative educational institutions, as well as teachers and professors.  From March 8th, 2018, students from all over the world took part in the conference, as well as a wide range of fascinates.

Also at the end of the competition, the teacher of the chair is a teacher.  Turemuratova failed to qualify for the third place in the ranking.

On the 8th of March, at the University, students were awarded with diplomas, certificates, certificates, certificates, certificates and certificates.

In addition, the faculty of the faculty “Davragizlar” has been awarded the 3rd place in the competition.

Our faculty has 680 members.  There are over 160 girls in Talabartarrijwa, who are reported to have been present at the university as part of the women’s coordinating body, psychologist.  Our faculty and staff are taking place.  As such, it will be necessary to control the affairs of the people.

Of these, Z.  Ahmedova is a senior research fellow at the National Library of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  Orazbaeva, P.O.  Turdibekova,

M.A.  Qalmuratova, P. Gayipnazarova, Z.  Toraeeva, M.  Qosimbetova is the author of a foreign, republican and university scientific journals after applying for curriculum vitae